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Fighting Fish Breeding

Welcome to Fighting Fish Breeding,

Hello, my name is Damon and I am an avid Fighting Fish lover. I am in the process of developing this site with the aim to share and collect information on this little fish. Although we specialise in breeding Fighting Fish or Betta’s as they are commonly known, there is a lot more to know about your Fighting Fish once they are born.

At Fighting Fish Breeding you will find topics on, Breeding your Fighting Fish, Caring for your fighting fish once they are born, Feeding your fighting fish, how much and when, Fighting Fish Disease and how to treat it, Setting up your Fighting Fish Tank and all the different Fighting Fish breeds available to us. We showcase a large collection of videos of various fighting fish for your enjoyment both from our own collection and from the huge library of you tube fighting fish videos that is out there.

Feel free to engage in any comments within any of the posts you’ll find throughout this site, or even embed any videos you might have seen through you tube within the comments section.

I hope you enjoy your visit to Fighting Fish Breeding and look forward to chatting with you within our comment sections.